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Find & authenticate
your digital certificates

Ensure the traceability of all your certificates thanks to the power of blockchain

Certificates authenticated in real time

PIOSH provides the ability to locate a certificate using only an email address or name. Each deposited certificate comes with strong authentication and certification, guaranteed by blockchain technology.

Unlike centralized networks, blockchain offers decentralization leading to a high level of security and traceability, immutability of data and total transparency, making falsification and modification of documents technically infeasible.

Blockchain modernization

The PIOSH platform allows access to all data from the blockchain network without wallet constraints.

Application versatility

The PIOSH solution can be used via its platform or directly integrated as a private API in order to adapt to any sector. 

Acceleration of logistics tools

Quickly find and authenticate your certificates associated with skills or physical assets. 

A simple and complete user experience

Depending on the certificates, the platform can be remodeled to display essential information.

The solution proposed by PIOSH fully exploits the power and intrinsic advantages of blockchain. At the heart of this technological revolution, the platform offers guaranteed immutability, ensuring that each certificate remains intact and authentic.

Unlike centralized systems, this decentralized system eliminates single points of failure, significantly increasing resiliency and security.

Faced with the current challenges of falsification and fraud, PIOSH provides a concrete and effective response: Ensuring authenticity without traditional hassles, marking a decisive turning point in the management of digital certificates.

A new era :
Blockchain 2.0

Statistics and Performance


Reduction of traditional certification costs


Certificate verification time


Transaction confirmation.


Platform reliability (uptime)


Customer satisfaction rate

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Blockchain in a few clicks

PIOSH is committed to constantly adjusting its solution to meet business requirements. Benefit from a personalized approach, explore our use cases and find the ideal solutions to meet your requirements.

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