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Our mission

At PIOSH, we envision a world where blockchain and decentralization are accessible to everyone. Our goal is to democratize this technology, unlocking its potential to shape a transparent and collaborative future.

Our history

It all started with a common passion between the two founders, Mavrick and David. United around a common enthusiasm for blockchain, they founded PIOSH, a consulting agency dedicated to this new technology. PIOSH was responsible for supporting national and international projects such as the Paris Opera, Galeries Lafayette or the Cannes Film Festival.

After years of implementing blockchain solutions for various sectors, a common need remains essential: the need to democratize this technology. PIOSH is the culmination of this achievement. More than just a platform, it represents the bridge between the centralized world of today and the decentralized world of tomorrow. PIOSH wants to offer every company access to the power of blockchain, without barriers.

Today, the digital world faces a glaring lack of transparency, integrity and accessibility. Data is lost, information is falsified and trust is eroded. PIOSH's mission is to remedy these problems by offering a solution that guarantees authenticity, immutability and ease of access to information on the blockchain, without the usual technical constraints.

In the long term, PIOSH aims to become the benchmark for blockchain verification and certification, extending across borders and industries. We aspire to create an ecosystem where blockchain is no longer an esoteric concept, but an everyday tool for businesses, regardless of their size or field of activity. By democratizing this technology, we hope to help shape a more transparent, equitable and decentralized future.

Challenges &

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