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Enter the era of decentralized authentication

Our product

Blockchain modernization

The PIOSH platform revolutionizes access to blockchain data. It allows you to consult all the network information while eliminating the constraints linked to the use of wallets. With its emphasis on fast and foolproof verification, PIOSH has established itself as the tool of choice for all companies concerned with security and efficiency in the blockchain era.

Acceleration of logistics tools

This solution allows instant recovery and immediate authentication of certificates associated with physical assets or knowledge, whether it is a certificate of competence, a model or a patent. PIOSH ensures absolute traceability.

Application versatility

Whether as a standalone platform or integrated via a private API, the PIOSH solution is versatile. It thus meets the varied needs of companies, whatever their sector, offering unprecedented adaptability in the field of blockchain verification.

Complete customer experience service

Each certificate is unique. Depending on the specifics of the certificates, the platform adjusts to highlight crucial information, thus guaranteeing an optimized user experience focused on the essentials.

Ensure the traceability of all your certificates thanks to the power of blockchain

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